Monitoring Sleep at Home and Sustainable Sleep Solution ③

The rapid vitalization of the current sleep tech market can be said to be accelerated by the limitations of the traditional sleep industry. The use of bedding (i.e., mattresses, pillows, eye patches), sleep-inducing music, and meditation does not consistently result in satisfactory sleep. Moreover, presenting ways to quickly fall asleep without knowing the specifics of a person's sleeping habits is not an effective method to alleviate sleep-related problems and disorders. Sleep services of today must be able to offer people a more fundamental and sustainable solution. To correct a sleep cycle that has deviated from the normal sleep cycle range, it is important to monitor all daytime activities. Hence, sleep solutions should ultimately aim for an 'All Day Care' solution, or in other words, a form of solution that accurately measures sleep and, analyzes the sleep data precisely, and guides people to improve their sleep. Motivating people to change their sleep habits is the best way to treat sleep problems. Allowing people to monitor sleep every day at home brings endless possibilities. Sleep monitoring is not simply collecting data. Sleep monitoring is the stepping stone of sustainable sleep therapy.