Asleep’s better tomorrow made by passionate team members.

Passionate experts in the field of research, design, and development work together at Asleep to study innovative, life-changing technology. We endlessly think about how to create services that can solve life problems and develop them.

People Who Constantly
Seek New Challenges

Dongheon Lee(David) | CEO

I'm David, CEO of Asleep. I aspire to quantify the issues present in the world today and solve them in innovative ways. I work hard to bring together a workforce that can best solve the defined problems, create an atmosphere where members can empathize with these problems, raise new questions, generate innovative solutions, and grow with the company. To truly bring change to our customers, the company must not overlook the company members' well-being. My top priority is to create a foundation that can transform the lives of our internal members and build trust. Meeting and working with motivated, long-lasting companions is my greatest happiness.

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Jinhwan Jung(Louis) | CRO

I'm Louis, CRO of Asleep. At R&D, we study sleep sensors and AI sleep analysis. I lead the process of finding, delving into, and solving problems. Our team aims to produce results that can have great, international impact and simultaneously make the world a better place. Doing R&D work is an arduous task. Nevertheless, reminding myself of the joy that comes with finding solutions, I keep myself highly motivated. Effective collaboration is essential to success. Hence, good communication skills are indispensable. I try to create a culture in which people can produce their maximum output and work together most effectively.

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Joonki Hong(Jaden) | CTO

I'm Jaden, CTO of Asleep. I take Asleep's technology and process it into commercially applicable forms such as AI services, applications, and sleep sensing devices. Also, I present new directions and work to solve unresolved issues. Even if we look at a single product, it is created through the collaboration of many different experts such as AI engineers, front/backend developers, and product designers. My role is to help people agree on the same goal and actively exchange ideas. I want to create a collaborative environment where all of the members try to understand each other's viewpoints and motivate each other.

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