The Magic of Sound: Making Sleep Analysis Possible on Your Smartphone

When we sleep, various sounds fill our bedroom, including the sound of air conditioners, fans, humidifiers, and wind coming from open windows. Regardless of the presence of such ambient noise, Asleep's sound AI is able to accurately recognize and distinguish user-generated sounds (e.g., breathing sound, tossing and turning). Through the extraction of breathing sounds, breathing patterns, and body movements, Asleep's sound AI conducts accurate sleep stage analysis; it can even track changes in sleep stages which occur at a 30 second time interval Asleep's sound AI is trained with vast amounts of data. Approximately 3,800,000 sleep sound data(1) and sleep diagnoses given by doctors were paired and utilized for AI training. With sleep sound data collected in home environments in addition to medical data, Asleep's sound AI is continuously evolving and improving so that it can produce even more accurate readings.